Write fiction every day

The goal of this website is to help you develop a daily writing habit. This is the perfect place to regularly practice your craft in a fun and engaging way.


How it works

You begin by picking a prompt for your story:

To make it easier to start writing, the process is broken down into 4 simple steps. You begin by writing a paragraph describing a setting of your story, and continue from there:

Once you've picked a goal, you can start a sprint. Use sprints as warm up exercises, or do a sprint for each step of the writing process, and have a complete 400 words story!

Under the text editor, there's a progressbar that represents the total number of words you have written and your target wordcount for today (the green circle). Once you've reached your wordcount - congratulations, you've accomplished your daily goal!

Once you're happy with your story - share it with our friendly and supportive community! Receive feedback and encouragement, get comments, upvotes and subscribers. If you're completely new - don't be shy, there's no pressure to be perfect, the main purpose of this place is to be helpful and inspire you to write more.

On your profile page you have a convenient calendar representing the amount of words you have written each day. Your first goal is to write 250 words/day for 30 days in a row.

The most active writers get a place on our leaderboard of awesomeness:

Come over, join us, and start getting better at writing!